Prenatal Chiropractic Care Services in St. Augustine

How Chiropractors Can Help During Pregnancy & After Child Birth 

It’s important for women to have the best health and wellness possible during their pregnancy and at child birth. One aspect of prenatal health and wellness that is often overlooked by pregnant women is chiropractic care treatment. Dr. Derek Sisak, chiropractor and founder of Spinal Solutions in St. Augustine, FL, is passionate about helping his patients during prenatal stages and after giving birth.

Prenatal Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Services St Augustine

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through some pretty drastic changes in a relatively short period of time. Chiropractic care can be an integral part of a woman’s prenatal and postpartum care as a natural and gentle means for restoring balance and decreasing discomforts. Imbalances in the spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments will manifest themselves in a variety of ways that will affect the body's ability to function optimally.

Carrying the extra weight of a baby can negatively impact a woman’s spinal alignment and overall musculoskeletal system and her body must find the best ways to adapt to these changes. Notable changes we see at our chiropractic clinic in St. Augustine in women during pregnancy as well in the post partum period are in posture and repetitive stresses that cause changes in growth patterns. As these changes occur, it can certainly affect how the muscles and joints work together in all prenatal women.

Without chiropractic care and treatment to the spine, these changes can result in pain or tension in a variety of ways such as: Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction/Pain, Round Ligament pain, Lower back and sciatic pain, Neck and shoulder discomforts, Headaches, and Breech or posterior positioned baby. Besides the neck, shoulder and back pain or discomforts, another important reason for a woman to see a prenatal chiropractor throughout pregnancy is to help establish balance in the mother's pelvis. Because when imbalances are in an expectant woman’s pelvic and sacral regions, it can directly have an effect on the size and shape of the pelvic outlet and the support it provides to her growing uterus with specific ligamentous connections resulting in a less than optimum passage for the baby.

Williams Obstetrics text tells us that, "any contraction of the pelvic diameters that diminish the capacity of the pelvis can create dystocia (difficulty) during labor." They further state that the diameter of the woman's pelvis is decreased when the sacrum is displaced.

Ensuring that women have the best health and wellness possible during prenatal phase and after child birth is our goal at Spinal Solutions. Call us at (904) 217-3982 to make an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Sisak, and allow us to help keep both you and your baby healthy. We are conveniently located in St. Johns County, FL 10 miles north of downtown St. Augustine near the entrance to Palencia.

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