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  • Dr.
    Derek Sisak
    Chiropractor In St. Johns County, FL

    Dr. Derek Sisak understands the frustration of being in pain, feeling out of control, and not being able to do the things that bring you joy. He was fortunate to be introduced to chiropractic care when he was young. He grew up in a small coal-mining town in northeast Pennsylvania. From an early age, he was always interested in being outside, playing sports, and being active. Unfortunately, like most people in their lifetime, his activity was slowed down significantly when he was introduced to excruciating back pain. To make it even worse the pain radiated down his leg and into his foot. He was no longer able to enjoy the freedom of being a kid. This particular episode lasted about six months before finally resolving itself through physical therapy and rehabilitation.
    A few years later, Derek was a senior in high school, captain of his basketball team and about to take on the number-one ranked team in the state. Out of nowhere, an all too familiar sensation reappeared; the stabbing, unsubsiding, radiating pain. This time he knew he did not have six months to recover. Luckily, his head coach knew exactly where to send him. Derek started seeing a chiropractor the next day. After a thorough examination, the chiropractor determined the cause and solution to his problem. Through chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation, he was able to get back on the basketball court in under two weeks, having only missed a few games. This experience completely changed the trajectory of Derek’s life, he knew from that point that chiropractic care was his calling. 

    Dr. Derek graduated in 2016 from Southern California University of Health Sciences with academic honors; he has also received certifications in Chiropractic Rehabilitation from the Midwestern Rehabilitation Institute. He began his professional career at one of the top chiropractic clinics in Virginia. During his time there he was fortunate to work with thousands of patients ranging between high-level athletes, the elderly, pregnant women, and children. His second career opportunity started in 2019 in Northeast Florida.  During his time at that clinic, he continued to develop his skills as a chiropractor and communicator. He was introduced to the world of personal injury and learned how to successfully treat and manage personal injury cases.

    Derek understands that the human body is dynamic. Like all dynamic objects, it tends to break down over time. Just like our cars need their tires rotated, our joints need to move efficiently. Dr. Derek is well-versed in numerous adjusting and myofascial techniques and employs a variety of them when treating his patients. He recognizes that no two patients are the same and will tailor his treatment methods to each individual.

    In his spare time, Dr. Derek enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active. You can find him on a basketball court, golf course, in the gym, running through a park, or fishing at a creek. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys going to church, riding bikes through the neighborhood, laying on the beach, or just relaxing on the back porch. Most importantly, he tries to enjoy the preciousness of every moment and hopes to give his patients the freedom to do the same.

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